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$30 K04 rebuild kit?

James333 Jul 17, 2012

  1. James333

    James333 Member

    Hey, so just before I left to go travelling I found that my turbo has slight play in it, the compressor wheel moves about a small amount and i'm wondering if this is why I am down on power by 20 or so bhp compared to other people with the same mods tested on reliable dynos. See my previous threads for my unsolved woes! Would this play effect my performance?
    So after being shocked by the price of non chinese replacements I found some rebuild kits on ebay, they are 30 gbp ish the $ in my title is because vietnamese keyboards don't have the pound sign!
    Anyway, if my turbo is crack free, will this kit be suitable to get some bhp back? KKK K03 K04 MAJOR TURBO REPAIR / SERVICE KIT WITH TWIN OIL FEED JOURNAL BEARING | eBay or something similar from a more reputable company!

    Is the brass looking tube the bearing? I imagine this is much softer than the actual shaft so hope to find that the rest of the parts are serviceable and this is the worn part?
    Is balancing needed after reassembly? As this will take the DIY out of it and I guess will be a no go?

    Money is tight and a wobbly turbo is an annoyance i'd like to fix so is this a viable option? I will start researching rebuild procedures properly while I am away if this is the way to go, however something tells me that $600 (GBP) for a new turbo doesn't warrant $570 worth on non cracked exhaust housing if thats the only difference? Jhanks for any input, James

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