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3 Week of ownership write up.

RobinA3 Dec 11, 2006

  1. RobinA3

    RobinA3 Well-Known Member

    I thought i'd get a bit of a write up on the ownership side of things as i am currently quite bored!

    Just over 3 weeks and 1.5k miles ago I bought this Audi A3 2.0T FSI Quattro S-Line for £18,500


    the spec is as follows:

    Brilliant Black
    5600 miles
    Registered 11/05
    2.0T FSi
    Quattro S-Line
    20 Spoke Split Rims
    Tinted Windows
    MultiFunction Steering Wheel
    Silver Mirrors
    Cruise Control
    Arm Rest

    My previous car was this which i had from new when i was 18 and it had been with me for 7yrs until i sold it the weekend i picked up the Audi.


    I currently still have a Mk3 Polo G40 running 150bhp (0-60 in around 6secs) which is up for sale as i can't afford to run 2 cars.


    My reason for choosing the Audi is because of the looks of it and also the good build quality.

    Right my opinion about different aspects of the A3.


    I personally think the S-Line look really nice, not too flash but enough to make it look like a small executive car, love the new grille on it and i held out until i could find a S-Line which also has the face lift.

    The black paintwork is a major headache to keep clean but once its clean it looks fantastic although i have already got several scratches on it :-(

    The wheels are a very nice option and make the car stand out although they are an **** to clean.

    The xenons, wow what can i say? compared to the Polo's headlights these are basically like DAYLIGHT! Love the way they adjust themselves when you put them on and they are just so bright, very very nice option.

    Tinted windows, a bit dodgy looking for me but it goes with the black car, i wouldn't have opted for it but when you buy a 2nd hand car you don't get a choice really.

    Silver Mirrors, are these really 250 odd quid?! they look nice and make the car stand out but i personally would spend £250 on them. Plus they are plastic, i thought they would be the nice metal ones like on the old RS4.


    Jumping from a 7yr and 14yr old Polo the interior is light years ahead! No rattles or squeeks, i find the interior simply perfect!

    Seats are VERY comfy and offer so much adjustament, i am a bit worried about the leather bolster as it tends to catch me on the back when getting in and out of the car so wear might be an issue later on in life!

    The steering wheel with the extra functional volume things are so handy and are very much worth the extra few bob when spec'ing a car up. The steering wheel is perfectly sized for cross country bean giving journey's.

    Boot is a decent size and the rear leg room is quite good!

    Cruise control is extremely handy when you come to road works on the motorway which also mean 40mph limits, bang it on at 40mph and you just cruise along.

    The arm rest is such a joy to use, makes even short journeys really nice although it does get in the way of the handbrake but thats only a very small negative point, very much worth ticking the box on the options list for sure, plus you get somewhere to store ****!


    Many of you may have read that i was thinking that i made the wrong engine choice, after 2 weeks of ownership i don't have that opinion now, i made the right and perfect choice for my type of driving style.

    The engine is torquey low end and pulls until 6000rpm and tails off after that, sounds really nice when pushed and is very very flexible.

    MPG wise was an issue but i have learnt how to use the engine efficently to save fuel and i have got 38mpg on a long motorway run and i get 30mpg to and from work and everyday driving which is pretty good for a 2litre turbo 4WD car. When pushed the MPG will fall to 24mpg but thats when i decide to have some fun and push the car on some nice open roads. 100% satisfied with the engine, diesel just wouldn't feel the same!


    The quattro system gives alot of confidence in the car when its wet, pulling out of junctions when its wet shows how well Audi has developed the system.

    Handling wise i love it, it puts a big smile on my face when i am giving it a few beans, the steering feel is extremely numb though which is not good but the suspension and feel of the car is great, the ride is not too hard and isn't too soft.

    If only the steering gave more feedback then it would be spot on.


    Only a few bad points:

    Black Paint Scratches easily but its the same for all black cars
    Brake Discs Rusts on the hubs
    Steering is numb
    Could have better mpg!


    Overall i am extremely happy with the car, when i was looking for a car all i wanted to make sure i got was Black paint, S-Line Spec, Armrest and Cruise control so the rest of the kit i got was just a bonus!

    Now i got to see what the future brings with servicing at dealerships and overall running costs.

    Hope you enjoy my write up although i expect most of you will find it boring to read!
  2. ahaydock

    ahaydock Member

    Nice write up! Know what you mean about the arm rest! Some brake dust remover spray and an autoglym (or similar) brush may ease the wheel cleaning.

    Know what you mean about black. My first 8L A3 was Black, looked great when cleaned but very hard to keep it that way.

    Regarding your scrathces I use Scratch X and it is very good, would recommend it!
  3. h5djr

    h5djr Well-Known Member VCDS Map User Gold Supporter quattro Audi A3

    In the past I've always coated my new alloy wheels with Simoniz Liquid Diamond. Once I've done that all the brake dust just washes off them with no effort at all. On the occasions when I've put my car through a car wash, usually on holiday in Austria, the wheels have come up clean with no further effort. I usually re-apply it every 6-12 months and it works fine. I'm not sure if it is still available. I shall certainly use it or something similar on the new A3 I have on order as the wheels on that will be the 16-spoke design and will be even more difficult to clean.

    I agree that black looks great when it's lovely and clean but hard work to keep looking nice. I only ever owned one black car. A 1976 Volkswagen Mk1 Golf. I had Wolfrace polished alloys wheels and it really look good - when it was clean!
  4. marriedblonde

    marriedblonde Active Member

    Try to avoid using megs scratch X on black cars as it dulls the paint. Try to use a polish instead as they are milder!


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