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  1. karl7900

    karl7900 Active Member

    A fireman came home from work with a brilliant idea. He explained to his wife about a series of sirens used at work and suggested they try something similar in the bedroom.
    He suggested on the 1st pretend siren she gets naked,
    On the 2nd siren she should jump into bed,
    and on the 3rd siren they should make hot passionate love all night long.
    A little intriged she agreed.
    "OK darling" said the husband "I can here the first siren". She quickly dropped her clothes onto the bedroom floor.
    "Ah the second siren has started he exclaimed". As agreed she quickly jumped into bed.
    On the third siren they started making hot passionate love.
    After a minute or so the wife claimed to here a 4th siren.
    "What does the 4th siren mean?" the puzzled fireman asked.
    To which she replied "You need to reel out more hose - your nowhere near the fire!"


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