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3 for 2 Microfibre Madness

John @ PB Sep 20, 2011

  1. John @ PB

    John @ PB Member

    We're delighted to announce the addition of Microfibre Madness towels to our site. Microfiber Madness Car Care & Detailing Products

    And I'm sure you're equally delighted that, as a very special introductory offer, we're offering a 3 for 2 deal on the towels.

    First up is the Dry Me Crazy towel: Microfiber Madness Dry Me Crazy Towel | Microfiber Madness Car Care & Detailing Products a hugely plush drying towel which is, in our view, the best drying towel on the market, better even than our own Luxury Drying Towel.

    Next we've got the Yellow Fellow: Microfiber Madness Yellow Fellow Towel | Microfiber Madness Car Care & Detailing Products which is edgeless and tag free but with plenty of bite - just what you need for removing polish residue.

    The Crazy Pile towel Microfiber Madness Crazy Pile Towel | Microfiber Madness Car Care & Detailing Products is perfect for general wipedowns, quick detailing and is also edgeless and tag free. Perfect for so many different tasks.

    The Summit 800 might not have the craziest name, but it's got the craziest pile of any towel we stock, deep, plush and ideal for buffing sealant and wax residue: Microfiber Madness Summit 800 Towel | Microfiber Madness Car Care & Detailing Products It's not the cheapest towel on the market but it's absolutely awesome.

    Finally, we've got the Cloudbuster towel: Microfiber Madness Cloudbuster Towel | Microfiber Madness Car Care & Detailing Products a non-linting, short pile towel designed for buffing glass - it helps eliminate smears and streaks.

    Buy any two of a specific towel and you'll receive a third one, absolutely free.

    (eg, buy 2x Summit 800s and you'll receive a 3rd one - this is added automatically at our end and won't show on your invoice but will be included in the order).

    These towels have been on test with us for a little while so we could assess which is best for each task but also so we could see how they stand up to repeated usage in the Studio - the answer is extremely well; even the ultra soft, ultra deep pile Summit 800 is like new after some serious work in the Studio.

    In short, no, they're not the cheapest towels on the market, but in our view, they are the best and with 3 for 2, what's not to like?

    (And you can even select FREE delivery!)

  2. danger S3

    danger S3 Member

    looks great, do you have to buy 2 of the same or can you mix and match?
  3. John @ PB

    John @ PB Member

    2 of the same; it'd be impossible to get a mix & match system working for the online ordering.

    You won't go wrong with them; just amazing.

    With the instore customers, as soon as I hand them one to have a look at, they end up buying!

  4. nick2107

    nick2107 New Member

    Hi John ive just taken delivery of my new A3 BE in ibis white i add the AG LIFE SHINE product on the car can you give me any advice on products to keep her looking stunning, i have a looked on your web site and notice some stunning products but its just a case of knowing what to use for the best .

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