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3 door - lift and slide seat question

R7SAN Nov 20, 2009

  1. R7SAN

    R7SAN New Member

    Hi All,

    I have a question about the lift and slide mechanism on new A3/S3 3 door.
    On my 56 A3 you lifted the handle and slid the seat forwards to access the back. Then when you pushed the seat back, it when back to the position it was in before you slid it forwards - if that makes sense.

    On my 09 S3 it doesn't return to the same postion , it moves all the way back to the end of the runner.

    After examining the seat runner I can see a little metal slide that when pressed will side back and forth and when released it locks in place and this stops the seat moving any further backwards.

    Should this be moving with the seat when you set the distance away from the pedals? Surley you don't have to set this manually so the seat will only go so far back to the postion you want.

    I expected the seats to return to the same position but this happens on the passenger seat as well.
    Is there something wrong with my seats? Am i doing something wrong ?:shrug:
  2. s3mike

    s3mike Member

    The seat should return to the same position but the mechanism is a bit fiddly.

    On mine you have to be sure and tilt the backrest as far forward as it will go, then move the seat on the runner. The seat then returns to it's original position when slid back.

    Problem is if you don't tilt the seat back all the way forward and then slide the seat it goes all the way back on the runners.

    If the seat never goes back to the same position I suggest a visit to the dealers!
  3. Lee_R

    Lee_R Active Member

    The mechanism is rubbish in the A3, My lowly Lupo has the easy entry seats that lift up aswell as slide forward. Its much easier to get in the back of the Loop than it is in my A3 :ermm:
  4. a3_dan

    a3_dan Member

    Im glad someone else mentioned this as i thought it was just me getting this!

    So frustrating!!

    Like the other guys stated, dont think its anything wrong, just poor design, never had a 3 door with such poor seat/runner movement.
  5. Scott

    Scott Well-Known Member

    I, too, have had difficulties doing this. Just push the seat as far forward (on the tilting mechanism) as you can before sliding it forwards, so that it clips into the forward tilted position, and then it should slide back to where it was.... if that makes sense? If your car isn't doing that, take it to the dealers! I only worked out how to do it on a demo car as I wasn't too bothered about forcing the seat into a position that it shouldn't go!
  6. smbAudi

    smbAudi Member

    it took me a little while to figure it out but the manual clarified it all...basically you only need to lift the hand when tilting the back of the seat, the sliding should be done with the handle not lifted...

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