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3 door A3 and baby seat

Djwoody Jan 9, 2014

  1. Djwoody

    Djwoody Member

    Well, I've just found out that I'm going to be a dad for the 1st time.
    Gradually getting over the shock and then I was thinking about my beloved A3.

    Have any of you had experience in putting baby seats in the back?
    Just wondered how awkward it was in a 3 door A3.
    Don't really want to sell the car.

  2. J8TT X

    J8TT X Member


    I've not a had a new born in the back of mine, but I have had my nieces from the ages of 1 onwards and they have been fine in the baby seat in the back. It has the iso locks (I think its called) aswell so you can really strap the seats in and you know they are safe.

    Took some twisting to get the seat in as its quite big but manageable.
  3. leeds2592

    leeds2592 When I grow up, I want a 964!

    Not got first hand experience but I would imagine it would be quite awkward, not impossible though.

    Why not get rid of your 3dr and go for a Sportback? Love my 3dr but if I was in your situation, I would go for a Sportback as it'll be so much easier. Plus, the LED rear lights on a Sportback are much nicer than ones on a 3dr.
  4. BigT

    BigT Member

    Congrats! There will be nothing I can say to prepare you for the journey but honestly as soon as they arrive all that nervous feeling & thoughts about how? what? If? soon disappear!
    I've got a 3dr A3 and a 2 year old daughter, depending on how fast and big they grow we kept her on the front seat in a rear facing carrier until she was about 7/8 months [the missus sat in the back] then put her in a rear front facing seat behind the passenger side which she is still in now. Both are held in by the seat belt and no problems with fixing, how well they are fastened and getting her in or out, both of these are not new either probably 6/8 years old.
    The baby carrier was a mamas and papas primo viaggio and the seat is a maxi cosy but forget the model name.
    I hope that helps some.
  5. Jay.Ing

    Jay.Ing Active Member Team Ibis Bronze Supporter Audi A3 Black Edition TDi

    Depends on yourself and how much you are willing to live with the annoyance? I had an A1 and an ISOFIX base with a carrier, it was a pain in the ****! So i bit the bullet and got an A3 Sportback Black edition. Much easier, and its even got the tinted windows to keep the sun out of the babies eyes :)
  6. Djwoody

    Djwoody Member

    Thanks for all your advice.
    I don't really want to change the car to a 5 door as I have spent a lot of money getting it the way I like it. However, I will if it is such a chore. Hopefully I can manage it.
    Like you said they go in the front when they are first born so I won't have to put a seat in the back for a while yet.
    Been looking at the Recaro seats! haha. I'll check out those other seats you mentioned now.
  7. Andy1608

    Andy1608 Active Member

    Sell it and get ready for ****ty nappies and baby sick.
    Don't spend a lot on a seat, obviously get a safe one but it's bound to get dirty and out grown faster than you think
  8. LEE69

    LEE69 07 170 DSG Team Dolphin Grey Audi A3

    Isofix to the car then the carry bit clicks into the base, dead simple.Then the carry bit releases by a squeeze of the handle usually and places on the frame of the pram.
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  9. IceHanger

    IceHanger Active Member VCDS Map User

    congrates fella :sm4:

    The baby seat should fit, I had one in the TT, now that's a pita!
    Monkeys seat fits no issues in the sportback with the Isofix base (maxi cosi pebble) I think the 3 door is roughly the same size as the sportback.
    Most baby seat retailers will let you trail fit seats in your car (Halfrauds, mothercare, kiddie care etc) rock up and have a play
  10. G19rnt

    G19rnt Member

    The 3 door isn't ideal at first we fitted the carry seat in the front seat with the airbag off we now have a maxi cosi my daughter is now 2 and when she's in the back it doesn't leave much leg room for the front passenger the a3 is now my car and we bout a 61 a4 as our main car
  11. heap1000

    heap1000 Member

    Congratulations. I did it the opposite way to you. My 3rd child was due and I went and bought a 3 door A3! Oops ;).

    So in the back of mine I have a baby car seat and then a forward facing car seat for my 3 year old and then I squeeze my 10 year old in the middle!

    Bit of a squeeze to get the seats in but once the seats are in I leave them there and just remove the kids. Also have another set of seats in the wife's car.
  12. JudderMan

    JudderMan Well-Known Member

    I'm in the same boat, I have a little girl arriving in May :) Can't wait. I have a 5dr, and have bought a M+P Aton car seat and base (check mamasandpapasuk eBay as I got an absolute bargain or the Sola (spotty one) has everything pram, car seat, base, bag, adaptors for 350 at the moment), but even having a 5dr I wouldn't sell a 3dr for a 5dr (I know I might regret saying that), but as mentioned your wife/gf can sit in the back or once you have the base in it's a piece of **** to slot the car seat in, but in a 3dr you might have to move the front seat forward, not too much of a problem really.

    If you don't like your car, which it sounds you love it, then just keep it. When I was a lad my mam always had the tiniest of cars (minis etc) so people manage :)

    Good luck.

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