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  1. riggs

    riggs New Member

    argghhh , I tried it this afternoon !
    the sound ! aaaaaaah
    the DSG gearshift purrrrrrr
    at last the TT got a serious engine ! ( I own a cab 225 at the mo)
    my advice is : if you want to renew your TT, now is the time !
    the 3.2 rocks !!! ( a bit more power out of the 3.2 would have been desirable though)
    anyone else had the pleasure ?

    P.S: I wish I could have recorded the noise of the engine (sad innit ?) so if anyone has, please send this way ! cheers
  2. batty

    batty Member

    I took one out last week.

    Well impressed !!

    I currently run an S3 225 & may be interested in the new A3 V6 3.2. But I'm mainly interested in the DSG, since I've been a transmission engineer for a couple of years. I wanted to try the A3 with DSG, but the dealer offered me the TT to try.

    The gear shifts are superb - almost imperceptable. Power on shifts barely interrupt the power.
    Did you try sports mode - what about those downshift throttle blips !!! They're just like you would want to do yourself, but have practiced for years & can't quite get it right (at least I can't). The ECU takes care of it all superbly.

    And what about the launch control? It gives a brilliant balance of power, clutch slip & tyre slip. The car just rockets away. Have tried it on my S3 with the ESP switched off & either get excessive clutch slip or the engine just bogs down - more practice required I guess.

    Overall very impressed with the engine (amazing noise) & gearbox. I've got to say the TT isn't really my cup of tea, but was certainly worth the trial with that engine & 'box.

    My advice to anyone is to go and try it & enjoy!
  3. riggs

    riggs New Member

    I tried the sport mode and was well impressed, i nearly hit a car , I am so used to the 1.8 start , nice and slow, then turbo, that having all that power at low rev surprised me /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif

    I could hear the dsg working a bit though when alternating acceleration and slow downs on the same gear , you can tell the second clutch is thinking "oh wait no, he aint going 4rth now, he gonna want 2nd" /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif
    being an engineer in the domain, would you say this gearbox is going to be viable, or is it something that is likely to cause problem because of it's complexity ?

    that's an engine I can see getting moded very soon as well (a bit like schnitzer and bmw six cylinder)
  4. installer69

    installer69 Member

    I've been given one in cabriolet roadster form(I think that's the correct term for the leave the kids at home version) while my S4 V8 is having it's gearbox replaced.

    TT 3.2 DSG - I'd rather keep it and let them have my S4. What a car, what a gearbox. This combination is so much more usable around tight, slippy country roads. The S4 is just a bit too much. This little blighter is fun, fun, fun.

    You can put it in sport mode and keep both hands on the wheel doing some seriously silly driving. I am also a motorcyclist and this car is the closest thing so far that I've driven. Anyone familiar with Yamaha's EXUP system will have an idea of how Audi get so much noise through the regulations on this beauty.

    I've had it sideways round greasy roundabouts and not felt scared. A 3.2 engined go-kart.

    Love it. Now, would anyone like to adopt a pair of kids....
  5. Geordie Mike

    Geordie Mike Yeee-haw

    Just found out my car has launch control - OMG what fun. Now, can anyone reccommend a good tyre supplier....
  6. Audi_TT 83

    Audi_TT 83 Audi_tt 83

    i have the mk1 version but a manual and the sound and the instant power is what made me fall in love with it. your right tho a little more power would be good, thats why im getting mine chipped 270bhp :)
  7. scuttla 69

    scuttla 69 Blacked out TT

  8. vagman

    vagman Member

    :footy: :thrashi: :racer: :hubbahubba:

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