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3.2 S-Line - Gone

Spook Nov 17, 2006

  1. Spook

    Spook Member

    I've finally given up the unequal struggle with the S-Line Sports Comfort Seats, and sold the car to the dealer. Just made him about £3.5k richer, but you live and learn. A sad day :(

    On a brighter note, the dealer had just put his new S3 demo on display - by a spooky coincidence, it was Phantom Black with almost the exact spec I would have! It had the standard seats with electric lumbar support, and I only needed a brief sit in them to feel the massive improvement over the S-Line seats. Maybe it's a sign.....is there such a thing as fate?
  2. Granny

    Granny Member

    So what have you swapped you 3.2 S-line for?
  3. auroan

    auroan Active Member

    Why didn't you just buy a different set of seats.... surely thats cheaper than loosing 3.5K selling it
  4. Spook

    Spook Member

    Looked into it. Seats have to conform to type approval for the vehicle to keep the warranty valid = has to be Audi seats = have you seen how much Audi want for 1 seat, never mind 2?

    I chose to cut my losses before depreciation bit any deeper. I've not got a car at the moment, I will have to borrow one from a relative pending a decision on the new S3 - or an alternative.

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