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3.2 Owners

edition Sep 7, 2008

  1. edition

    edition Active Member


    With seeing all these S3's with some nice mods, just wondering if anybody has been moddifing there 3.2s.

    I'm thinking of giving mine a little more power but wanting to keep n/a atm.

    Anybody put some different cams in?
    Re-mapped it?
    Charged it?

  2. Khufu

    Khufu Well-Known Member

    I think Marc has a 3.2 too but dont think he has done anything to the engine. I know it can be remapped but as usual the gains aren't as big as turbo'd engines. Piper only seem to do cams for the 20v engine so far. I've looked online for supercharger kits just out of idle curiosity but not seen any.
  3. mcc49

    mcc49 Stalled

    Sadly with N/A engines, the gain from a remap is generally quite low for the price you pay (~<20bhp). For the best bang per buck go forced induction, which will give you 2x/3x the power gain and shedloads more torque.
  4. rizly

    rizly a3 3.2 v6


    I own the 3.2 and i have had a map on it from DMS - the only noticable difference is throttle response which you could gain from a CAI system and that it holds the revs more in every gear i.e. it likes to go into the red-line abit before changing gear. The a3 i own is a dsg hence i say it revs more - def more fun to drive - next mod will be the CAI system just deciding upon which one to go for.
  5. golf

    golf ***** rent boy VCDS Map User

    Milltek exhaust, decent induction kit and a remap will probably get you around an extra 15-18 bhp.
  6. .:R2theT

    .:R2theT Dreaming of Boost

    Gen2 HPP is a must!(All 3.2s are quattro, right?)

    VF Engine mounts, CAI, chip and then either Milltek(the cheap route) or I say go with a Supersprint exhaust(at least twice the price). Then you will be having some fun.

    Or you could do what Ben did!

    Here's a video of his 3.2tq "RS3"!

    We also have a thread "stickied" over at Fortitude that has a lot of the 3.2 mods that have been done.
  7. John @ DW

    John @ DW Member

    Like everyone else has said there is not a lot to do. A re-map will give you about 15bhp depending on who you go with. I re-mapped my own as we are a Chipped UK dealer and they claim 18bhp from their map and it feels about right. Next would be K&N panel filter and exhaust , Milltek are probably the best.
    If you really want to up the power look for a VF Engineering supercharger kit, they do one for the R32, but it is basically the same. You will probably get at least 350bhp with a Stage 1 VF Engineering kit.
  8. Rafkoo

    Rafkoo Member

    I've had mine remapped, miltek exaust, and a BMC panel filter - and although the gains aren't as spectacular as tinkering with an FI motor, they are still substantial enough to make a noticeable difference - and well worth it if you have the spare cash. I haven't had a chacec to get it on the rollers yet, but Santa Pod Runs before and after remap gained half a sec (14.8 to 14.2 - and this was pre miltek exhaust).

    I've been considering going down the supercharger route - but it being a DSG, I was under the impression that there is a limit to the torque it can take... so FI on a 3.2 DSG isn't a good idea....? Can any one confirm?


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