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3.2 owners

paul_b Aug 16, 2006

  1. paul_b

    paul_b Member

    How do you rate the car? For any of you that had an S3, or at least have driven an S3, how do you compare the chassis and steering feel/feedback etc. is the newer car noticeably better?
  2. leecs3

    leecs3 thinking about stuff

    I've driven both, S3 is easier to drive and more fun. 3.2 is miles quieter and smoother to the point of feeling soggy.
  3. Wolfsburger

    Wolfsburger Member

    I tried a 3.2 with the intention of it replacing my 225 S3 a couple of years ago.

    The fact that Audi themselves didn`t try to replace the S3 with the 3.2 tells you all you need to know.

    The 3.2 is nice and smooth, but it`s no S car and Audi knew that. I`ve since tried an S-line 3.2 and that still isn`t the same type of car as the S3.

    In the end I went in the complete opposite direction, found a nice 150bhp Golf (I know, hardly S3 league in terms of handling) and am now a diesel convert.

    But if my ship came in, I`d be back at the super-unleaded pump in a shot!
  4. Steve-L

    Steve-L Member

    Horses for courses really.

    I used to own a chipped LCR which performance wise was similar to a chipped S3, it certainly was a more spirited drive than the 3.2 and due to the turbo felt quicker although I am not sure it was quicker.
    After 3 years of Cupra/Cupra R ownership I decided I wanted a bit more refinment hence I chose a 3.2 DSG. Most of my driving is to and from work in W London so you do not have much of a chance to use the power anyway but I have to say my drive home is more relaxing in the 3.2 than it was in the Cupra R, and the power is their in the 3.2 when you need it.
    It may have been someone on here who said "if going on a long journey the S3 owner will choose a route taking in lots of A & B roads whilst a 3.2 owner will take the motorway, bang up the bose stereo and relax.

    I think both cars are great but it comes down to what you are looking for in a car.

    Hope this helps
  5. S_Line

    S_Line Member

    As many of you know, i changed from a Subaru WR1 to the 3.2 DSG.
    The WR1 had awful throttle respons and didnt feel as solid os the A3.

    The 3.2 was right for me, as i do loads of city driving as well as lots of motorway driving, the 3.2 is Instant Off the mark from tickover, which is what i want.

    Its seen Snetterton, and was so well behaved it became boring to go flat out round the track, but the brakes didnt overheat and the tyres didnt wear out either ?

    The S-Line suspension is nice as solid very close to the ride of the WR1 it replaced, i tried a 3.2 a year or so back before the S-Line and found it a bit bouncy :(

    I dont often use the car as it does 22 mpg but i used it for a trip to manchester the other day. it just soaked up the 450mile round trip :)

    It just needs a bit more overtaking power, ;)
  6. dbm

    dbm Active Member

    I had an S3 with about £4.5k of modifications on it; remap to 270bhp, coilovers, stiffened anti-roll bars, uprated brakes and lots of other little modifications. It was quicker than a Boxter and very agile indeed. I was trying to hang on for the new S, but there was no sign and my itchy feet couldn't wait any longer so I upgraded to a 3.2 S-Line Sportback with DSG.

    In terms of feel, the S3 was way better than my 3.2. The explosive acceleration and the levels of grip were outstanding with the uprated S3. The 3.2 is much more refined and doesn't inspire to quite the same level of confidence, though I would say it was as good as an unmodified S3.

    On the other hand, the 3.2 is a very relaxing car to drive when you want it to be. I am a total convert to DSG; it makes driving in traffic effortless, and once you understand how it works you can use it to drive just as sportingly as a manual. The engine noise on the motorway is less too.

    I went on the Audi driving day just before Easter, and learned a lot about the abilities of the Audi's involved, and how to drive them better. Since that I have driven the car much more effectively, and I would heartily recommend the day to anyone.


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