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3.2 ESP problem

guysy Jul 4, 2010

  1. guysy

    guysy Member

    I am doing some research for a mate, He has a 3.2 2004 Quattro.

    The esp switch does nothing, It doesn't light up (does the switch illuminate?)

    Or throw up anything on the dash when pressed,

    Could it be a broken switch, shagged wires or a fuse?

    After reading about the esp search he said he does loose power when flooring, So i'm guessing the ESP is on...

    Any help please?

    What fuse number if any is it in the fuse box please?
  2. edition

    edition Active Member

    You should have to hold the button for a second or so and the light should come up on the dash.....

    Likewise to turn it back off press and hold for a little.
  3. guysy

    guysy Member

    He's just tried that, Still not working..

    Any other tests to try?

    Anyone know the fuse number if there is one?

    Help me please :)

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