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3.2 dsg haldex problem!

csdrcallum Nov 6, 2013

  1. csdrcallum

    csdrcallum New Member

    another haldex problem! i have done loads of reading into this but cant seem to find an answer that suits my problem!

    the car in question is a 2004 a3 3.2 dsg, i purchased the car last week but noticed im only getting fwd. numerous tests of spinning front wheels shows im not getting any power put to the rears at all!

    i checked the 5amp fuse in the box and its in placce and now blown. i cant feel or hear my haldex pump priming on ignition start up!!

    i have jacked all four wheels off the ground and with the engine running and in 'D' only the fronts turn along with the propshaft.

    i dont have any warning lights on the dash so suspected the haldex pump! after draining the haldex fluid (750ml of it) and removing the pump (whilst doing this i checked the connector plugs and all seemed fine) i went on to snip the yellow and black wire on the pump and test it on a 12v battery. the pump worked fine and span freely. i didnt notice any contamination within the pump.

    i then suspected that maybe i wasnt getting power to the haldex controler, so placed a multimeter on the connector block going to it and 12v was shown when turning the ignition on. all fine so far!

    Now the only point between the two parts i have tested is the haldex controler itself!... how do i go about testing this?

    does anything seem strange about anything i have already said/tested so far?

    thanks, Callum
  2. ron burgandy

    ron burgandy Active Member

    I'm currently having this problem with my 2011 s3 and went to audi with it as it's still in warranty and they said they didn't think anything was wrong with it but will be taking it in shortly to run test s
  3. csdrcallum

    csdrcallum New Member

    im taking it into my local garage tomorrow for a diagnostics test. hopefully it will give me a clue as to what to check next!?...

    i have read a bit this evening on r32 forum about an 'earth strap' that often falls apart but i cant seem to find it on my car! does anybody know if my model should have one and where abouts is it located exactly? thanks
  4. csdrcallum

    csdrcallum New Member

    I took the car into the garage today and it came up with a code and saying the haldex pump was 'inactive'

    the haldex pump definately works, i can hear it spinning away when i send 12v to it. the only thing i could think of was the controller itself.

    I took off the controller and noticed what sounded like dirt inside it when it was shaken, upon closer inspection i noticed the casing was slightly oxidised in one corner and there was a small hole in it. i opened up the unit and removed all the sealant to expose the circuit board underneath. the circuit board was obviously damaged in one corner due to the oxidisation of the metal houing! i have tried to clean up the circuit board but upon closer inspection it seems that a circuits have been damaged and a 'resistor' has fallen off. after trying to clean it up and repair it myself i placed the controller back onto the haldex unit to see if i had 'fixed' it but unfortunatley no success! :(

    does anyone know anyone who can refurbish these controllers? surely its fairly simple to repair if your used to repairing circuit boards!?... if you know of someone please share. thanks
  5. csdrcallum

    csdrcallum New Member

    or does anybody have a spare gen 2 haldex contoller i can buy off them?
  6. -Ju-

    -Ju- Well-Known Member Team Panther VCDS Map User Audi S3

    Have you found a solution to this?
    We are having similar if not the same problem with a mates 04 A3 3.2 dsg.
    Vcds reported a clutch pump defective fault which we changed for a new one, we then changed the pressure sensor with no luck and finally the controller ( So yes we have a spare!!) but still no working pump.
    Like you we checked the old pump with 12volts and its fine.
    Not sure where to go with this now!
  7. S3 Ste

    S3 Ste New Member

    Hi mate, how damaged is the pcb? Any chance you could upload a picture to see if it looks repairable. I haven't got a circuit diagram or anything but I know circuit boards as I work in electronics.

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