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3.0 V6 auto petrol remapped today (very happy)

dpbayly Apr 21, 2013

  1. dpbayly

    dpbayly Member

    Decided as i had nothing to do today I'd call around my local mappers to see if anyone can sort me today and as luck would have it there was a mapper just 1/2 a mile from my front door so popped in to see him, he was full of info claiming the 3.0V6 to be a good N/A to map as they were reined in and held back by Audi (how true that is I don't know) but the new map seems to have made a big difference especially in the mid range,

    My V6 is auto so its never going to set the world on fire and I didn't buy it for speed more cruising but as im running out of things to do to my old beast I thought I'd treat it to some more power and torque.

    Here's a vid taken just before the remap:

    3.0v6 A4 qvant auto before remap - YouTube

    After (bare in mind it's hotter ambient temp and it's now carrying a full tank of juice compared to under quarter of a tank before) and still over a second quicker to 60, the vids have been cropped so they start as I press the throttle and end at 60mph the after vid is just under 2 secs shorter:

    3.0V6 A4 avant after remapping - YouTube

    Although I made the vids as a comparison the biggest difference is when accelerating while already on the move like when overtaking its massively improved here but no vids of this though.....

    While he was at it I got him to map my down stream O2 sensors out so if I choose when I get a custom exhaust made I might get some de-cat pipes sections made and it wont trigger the management light.
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