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3.0 upper oil pan, how much?

asinclado Jul 16, 2009

  1. asinclado

    asinclado New Member

    i have a 03 A4 3.0. i'm having a oil leak and suspect is coming from the upper oil pan. i got a estimate from the dealer for $1175, but right now is just an idea of where the problem might be, the oil is dripping from the black subframe piece, on the passenger side, seems like it is driping in to the subframe and then from the subframe to the floor, but looks like it leaks only when engine is running. i looked in the engine and i could not see where is coming from, only thing i'm 100% is that it is oil the one in question. i just did the trans fluid and flushed the power steering, so those 2 are totally diff colors. there is traces of oil coming from the lower oil pan, but looks old and no enough to be the leak in question.
    in the case it is the upper oil pan, what would it be a reasonable price for the labor? i might try to do it myself, what would be the difficult part of removing the subframe? once i remove the subframe, is there anything else i must be careful with? is there any kind of oil line in that area or any sensor that i might need to pay attenion to? has anyone done it? thanks and i'm sorry for so many questions, but i'm trying to strech my bucks here, and hoping is just the oil pan. i will post as soon as i find out what the leak is, or post some pics so you guys can help me.:blackrs4:


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