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3.0 TDI Camshaft

switchy Jun 2, 2012

  1. switchy

    switchy New Member

    First post on here. My engine decided to dump 5 of the six rocker arms on the nearside bank inlet cam. Strangely this cam is different to the other 3 cams as it's machined from a solid casting the others appear forged or pressed construction, I assume there's a reason for this. I still have no idea why these have let go. My questions are, has this happened to anyone else and can you release the cam drive sprocket without pulling the engine as I need to lift the cam. It looks to me feasible albeit a bit fiddly, if the turbo is removed to allow better access. If the top chain cover is removed, the tensioner plunger pulled and pinned and chain clamped to sprocket and the timing locking pin inserted, would that enable that end of cam carrier top to be lifted out.
    I suppose this is aimed at someone who has faced this dilemma before.



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