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3.0 tdi ATF change

quattro25years Aug 27, 2013

  1. quattro25years

    quattro25years Member

    Hi all

    Re- Q7 ATF change on 3.0tdi

    Going to have the ATF changed , next couple of weeks.

    according to service schedule it should be changed every 40000 miles.

    have full history with the car , and according to services invoices (all audi main dealer) it has never been changed !!(currentmileage approaching 80000)

    so my question is----surely Audi main dealer wouldn't miss the opportunity to,do this and charge for it , but obviously did !!!

    i am experiencing no issues with the gear box......

    What would happen if I don't change it?

    BTW been quoted £200.00 apprx to do this (9 ltr of fluid and labour)

    Many thanks
  2. quattro25years

    quattro25years Member

    Update , had the following email from AUDI regarding the ATF change .......

    Dear *************

    Thank you for your email addressed to AUDI AG, regarding the gearbox oil in your Audi Q7.

    I can confirm that the Tiptronic gearbox fitted to your Audi Q7 is a sealed unit and is not part of a service schedule. The gearbox oil should last the lifetime of the vehicle and should only be replaced if a repair is required.

    I hope this information helps.

    Kind Regards

    Rob McDonald
    Customer Relations Manager, AUDI AG
    Audi UK
    T 01908 601719 Ext: 62809
    F 0113 3932585
    E robert.mcdonald@audi.co.uk

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