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3.0 Cab picked up last weekend

imported_t4nick Sep 1, 2004

  1. imported_t4nick

    imported_t4nick Guest


    Picked up my 03 plate 3.0 cab on Friday. Too say I am pleased is an under statement. I had been waiting to find the right one.

    Details are

    Dolphin Grey
    Black leather
    Electric Heated Seats
    Sat Nav Plus
    18" ABT Alloys
    Wind Deflector
    Bose Sound system

    Now I have a couple of questions which you may be able to help on.

    1: Being as this is a Front Wheel Drive car does it matter that I have two different makes if tyre.
    It has brand new toyo on the back and some other make on the front. Both have lost of tread left. Is this a problem at all and will it affect handling. It has come from the Audi dealership like this so I'm sure it is fine. Just wish to confirm.

    2: I would like to have parking sensors fitted to the rear but Audi will not do it. Have to order direct from factory. Can you recommend anyone who will do it and make it looks like it came like that.

    PS - I have a Golf 5dr V6 4 Motion with lots of optional extras for sale if anyone interested.



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