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3” De-cat Downpipe installation/review, '01 Seat Leon 20VT4 (MK1 TT180Q)

Leon20VT4 Sep 3, 2012

  1. Leon20VT4

    Leon20VT4 New Member

    Item bought on ebay (300774531791) from relentless_performance, (Same downpipe as MK1 Audi TT Quattro / A3 TQ)
    Package quickly recieved, neatly packed in. Very good looking pieces of metal, quality all the way.


    Couldn’t wait for the mounting to begin...

    The removal of the old downpipe was a *****!
    On the way I broke of two studs on the turbo, broke one bolt on the exhaust joint, and had to saw of the nuts on the cat. Good to get rid of that rusty piece of bottleneck-scrapmetal!


    Then I had the O2-sensors, *insert swear words*, had to deliver the cat bit to my uncle at his workshop to remove the sensor. After that it all went pretty straight forward.

    Mounted two new studs on the turbo, np. Had a small battle to get the new downpipe in to the turbo. A little bit of cover bending and it slipped right in. After it was fastened to the turbo all was good, no touchy-touchy. Remember to mount the O2-sensor before installment.

    20120830_204727.jpg 20120830_204747.jpg

    The rest was easy peasy, perfect fit all the way back to the original cat-back.

    20120831_202205.jpg 20120831_202126.jpg

    Going from original exhaust to 3" de-cat downpipe, the car transformed. +0,15 Bar boostpressure, faster spool, smoother shifting (no hickups), louder turbo- and exhaust sound. Well satisfied! :D

    Parts I needed:
    New turbo studs+nuts
    New exhaust joint

    Garage jack + jack stands
    Car creeper
    22” spanner (O2-sensors)
    Blow torch (O2-sensors)
    17” pipe, ratchet + extentions, swivel
    Angle grinder
    WD40 and copper grease
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2012
  2. James TQ

    James TQ Member

    looks good, what made you buy it from the us one? how long did it take, also have you connected it to your standard car back?

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