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2nd remap on motor.

deano1978 Feb 17, 2013

  1. deano1978

    deano1978 different gear

    A while ago i got my car remapped,seemed ok,good power upgrade and smoother transitions.
    But no matter how i drived mpg did not really change.
    This got me thinking...

    I had done all usual checks and replacments to improve mpg,since remap,but still got same mpg as b4! Surely with a light foot mpg should get better.not here!

    So this led me to my remap,was one of the mobile dudes that came out to you.
    Anyway i started looking for a rated and respected tuner who wasnt to far from me. And after looking on vw.audi forum i came across expert tuning.

    Atfer several emails and telling paul my issues,to cut a long story short..."if the map you have is bad, we will change it,if its ok,no charge. Least your know how your map is" i thought sounded very fair. He did inform me of loads of info and he just dosnt add power, i understood what he was going to do and how he was going to check this. Was very confident in him (knows his stuff)

    So got to his place,set everthing up checked map.turned out map was ok. But i had made some ammends to car like free flow exhaust,cold air intake with pipercross panel filter. Paul suggested that he could improve and give me a custom map for the mods id made.
    I said yes please.

    I can only say wowwwwwwww.
    To get a car remaped and then remaped again,you wouldnt think much improvment!!!! Within limits, i was wrong
    It pulls much better, smoother again,like a new car,again.
    To top it off mpg has improved alot. Everthing feels so much better. Still gobsmacked. So if i had got this remap 1st...well it would be like night and day

    Used be getting36-42 now getting 38-45 with a heavy foot. Cant wait to do a proper mpg test

    So im very happy with my custom tuned remap from paul @ experttuning.
    So my advise is do your homework with remapers,and read reviews. Reviews speaker louder than prices

    The old saying rings true...
    Pay cheap pay twice.

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