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2nd Post, and its a potential problem

adi3390 Dec 1, 2012

  1. adi3390

    adi3390 Member

    Hi Everyone,
    So happy to have literally joined the S3 club yesterday, signed up just before :salute:

    Well, I love the awesome power, and delivery from the car! Believe the previous owner has had a Revo Stage 1 put on it?

    Not noticed anything too under ward, and it has a full history, Audi & Specialist and the log book/ receipts point towards it being looked after well.

    But, noticed it today in 1st or at low speed, specifically when turning right with lock on that there is a high pitched whine!

    Not too loud - only noticed with the radio off. Think I maybe being paranoid here, and its just the PAS + rack on lock.

    But you can never be too careful, just wondered if its something I may have missed when researching these 8P S3's

    Will take it for a drive in a bit + report back if anything changed to my description!

  2. big harty

    big harty Member

    Had the same issue with my s3. It was just the belt. Don't worry. 18 quid from gsf:superman: just go for stage 2+ and release the full potential of the turbo. But start saving ard as the tuning bug will hit you hard.
  3. adi3390

    adi3390 Member

    The whining noise however is at about 20mph, really noticeable going around around a roundabout, but as far as I can tell its only with right hand down :(

    Thinking of saving for a stainless exhaust set up, to go along with its stage 1 in the next few months although I do like the burble & rasp of the original that's on! Having to get used to the turbo noises as well lol


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