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2nd hand bluefin

Discussion in 'A3/S3/Sportback (8P Chassis)' started by s3_nug, May 20, 2012.

  1. s3_nug

    s3_nug Member

    Nov 6, 2010
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    Been offered a 2nd hand bluefin with a s3 map on it. Will this map work with my car? If not will sc put another map on it as it wasn't bought through them??
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  3. jasonc

    jasonc Active Member
    Audi S3

    Jun 12, 2011
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    Don't think it will work - I'm pretty sure it checks the VIN number of the car.

    You might be able to convince them to sell you a map for an upgrade price if you already had the device but I'm even not sure that they would go for that - they can tell if the map that is in the device is still installed in a vehicle and if it is they won't upgrade it unless you uninstall it from the original vehicle.

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