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2nd Breakfast Club Meet Report

WX51TXR Jun 27, 2008

  1. WX51TXR

    WX51TXR Polished Bliss

    Last Saturday we hosted the second breakfast club meet of the year, focussing on paint decontamination as the theme for the morning. Attendance was up this time, with just under twenty folk turning up from all over Aberdeenshire and beyond - our thanks to everyone who participated and made it a fun event! Over the course of the morning we demonstrated various methods for decontaminating paint, including the use of solvents and clay bars. Most people had a go at claying Angela's C2, which in just three months from new had acquired quite a lot of contamination from industrial fallout on the horizontal surfaces. The next meet will be on Saturday 19th July, and the theme will be how to polish your paint safely and effectively by hand or machine. The planned demonstrations will include the use of various polishes and polishing machines, with emphasis placed on the increasingly popular Meguiars G220 Dual Action Polishing Machine. Everyone is welcome to attend, and we look forward to seeing some of you on the day.




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