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2L TDI (BLB) 2006 DMF symptoms failure and life time

kos11-12 Feb 10, 2014

  1. kos11-12

    kos11-12 New Member

    Hi everyone,
    I recently joint this forum, I both in November an A6 2L TDI (BLB) 2006, avant S line, it has now 106500 miles,
    I had it remapped to 390 nw/170 bhp,
    As a preventive measure I changed the oil pump to a geared one and upgraded the hex key and shaft hole, I am intended to keep this car for a few years,

    regarding the DMF;
    I feel there is some vibrations, and in the cabin, I spoke to a few people and they said its kind of normal for this engine...
    It starts perfectly well, there is no misfire or any hesitation, at tick over or any RPMs, the clutch seams find, no dragging or slipping...
    I had replaced one leaking engine mount but the vibrations are still there,
    I feel some judder when releasing the clutch in 1st gear, there is a little whistling noise when decelerating around 1800/2000 rpm in 3 or 4 th gear, when pressing the clutch pedal for 1/2" I feel vibrations, its kind of very smooth around 70/80 mph but above 90 feels a tiny vibrating,
    I was wondering what kind of DMF failure symptoms you may have experienced and up to what kind of mileage the DMF is lasting on those engines

    thanks for your comments
  2. guyzza75

    guyzza75 New Member

    I have been told mine has gone 05 2.0 TDI A4 (96,000 miles) ...it snatches when pulling off and feels like a juddering (like a misfire) in 1st and 2nd gears around 1000 to 2000 rpm..then when turbo kicks in feels fine..and also a bit lumpy on idle and vibration through pedal...garage has just taken box out and he says the dmf is seized and has gone out of line and has been scraping inside gearbox bell housing ...ouch!!! £650.00 all in ...others claim difficulty getting into gears

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