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225 Feul consumption!! 200m on full tank??

lowrider786 Mar 24, 2006

  1. lowrider786

    lowrider786 Member

    Hello people

    I know this is a A3 forum, but there doent seem to be that much activity in the TT forum, and the TT and a3T/s3 have the same engine so you guys may be able to help

    i have a query, i am driving a TT Roadster 225 w reg, that has done 54000 miles. on a full tank of feul (shell optimax) i only seem to get around 200 miles and my average mpg is 19 miles on the display console. i drive normally but i am stuck in traffic alot going to and back from work 12 miles aday, apart from that i drive sensibly,

    could something be wrong with the car, i do also notice the the rev meter hunts when i am stopping it goes down once and then returns to normal
  2. Sounds low, depends how much you are stuck in traffic though, if it's crawling and stopping for the 12 miles then you might expect 19MPG.

    I'm assuming the TT tank holds 60 litres like the S3?

    I get 300 miles out of a tank when just doing the 8 miles to work, and back in the evening. A short journey but no stopping thankfully.
  3. pwnorman

    pwnorman Member

    Sounds like something aint quite right but what size tank does it have. Otherwise i dont have a clue.
  4. lowrider786

    lowrider786 Member

    i put in 45 - 50 pounds for a full tank i think its about 50 litres
  5. Grant

    Grant Well-Known Member VCDS Map User Audi RS3

    I get about 21mpg.

    That's a remapped 210 S3
  6. elucidate

    elucidate Member

    My Remapped A3 gets 25mpg at the absolute best city driving.

    19 sounds about right if the traffic is very start and stop.

    I did a 300 mile trip yesterday and the best I got on a long run was 35.1mpg
  7. god_thats_quick

    god_thats_quick Numptie of the highest order

    I always get over 300miles pretty much however heavy I'm being with my standard 210BHP S3, but that's not being stuck in traffic very often and not accelerating hard till it's warm.
  8. lowrider786

    lowrider786 Member

    do you think the maf or mas sensor can cause high fuel consumption
  9. jojo

    jojo Looking for Boost! Staff Member Moderator Team Daytona Audi S3 quattro Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group

    I have never got less than 20mpg in my chipped S3 wearing heavy 19" wheels, apart from on the track that is, so 19mpg is pretty poor. With 90% town driving, I can easily achieve 22/23mpg, thats in stop/start traffic and a bit of heavy throttle on the straights!.
  10. WilkoS5

    WilkoS5 Member

    300 mile is the norm for me on £55 of Optimax.
  11. Hotscar

    Hotscar Four Wheel Drifting

    I live and work in London and drive the 8 mile round trip and to be honest I often only get 18 to 20 mpg driving it conservatively. Heavy traffic makes a big difference because I can drive to Newcastle (about 330 miles) on a tank with a fairly heavy trainer on at times.
  12. Buster

    Buster Member

    I'm getting about 280 miles from a tankful of optimax, mostly town driving
  13. jesters3

    jesters3 Active Member VCDS Map User

    IIRC the S3 tank is 62 litres or so. Filling up costs an arm and a leg at 99.9p per litre. Even so i get 30mpg and about 300/320 out of a tank. Do a lot of driving on the A34 but also rallying on the back roads. 200 does sound very low, then again if it isn't getting stretched in the 4th, 5th and 6th gear then the mpg ain't going to be high.
  14. lowrider786

    lowrider786 Member

    i drove down to high wycombe from birmingham on friday for a meeting and back again, and that was about 190 miles intotal since then i have driven normal town miles intotal i did 300 miles on a full tank does this sound right!!!
  15. C_Audiboy

    C_Audiboy Vroom Vroom

    [ QUOTE ]
    i drove down to high wycombe from birmingham on friday for a meeting and back again, and that was about 190 miles intotal since then i have driven normal town miles intotal i did 300 miles on a full tank does this sound right!!!

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Yeah, this sounds much better.

    Town driving all the time really does kill the MPG on the 225.
  16. eddyg

    eddyg Member

    When driving in mountainous South Island NZ I get about 700km/tank (400mile) with spirited driving around twisties at altitude. This is with BP Ultimate fuel. A couple of weeks ago I got caught short a hundred km away from the nearest petrol station. The car computer said that I wouldn't make it, I would be 40km short.

    So I changed my driving style dramatically. I ran in 6th gear pretty much the whole time, I engine braked when possible and in mountains would keep it in 3rd rather than dropping to second for the 30km/h corners. On the straights I kept the speed at 90km/h(55mile/h) rather than my usual 110km/h.

    And amazingly I arrived on an empty tank, actually it was saying 0km on the trip computer for the last 10km. Makes me curious where empty really is.

    When I filled up the computer said that I could travel 900km (560mile) on a single tank. That is the highest it has ever estimated.

    I soon managed to get that down though /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif

    Cheers, Ed.
  17. mdwyer

    mdwyer Member

    My car also has strange comsumption pherhaps it's a S3 disease,
    I find that i get better consumtion if i don't use 6th the only time i use 6th is on the m-way ?

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