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210 S3 opinions?

jodeci Aug 3, 2004

  1. jodeci

    jodeci Member

    Considering a 2001 S3, the 210BHP model, any opinions on these? Known problems ?
    What’s the low end power like? I’ve seen some nice re-maps for the S3 what ones would be the best MTM, Revo? Would be using it as an everyday car so mpg would be a consideration in re-mapping also.
  2. Mike.M

    Mike.M Well-Known Member

    Make sure you get the facelift 210 as 2001 was the handover year!
  3. neiloneilo

    neiloneilo Member

    Had mine about 3months, 1999 reg with 20K on the clock (pre facelift). Great car, can't fault it, only problem I've had was with the fuel gauge. Power great once above 2K rpm, mine is still virgin to any power mods, waiting for novelty/warranty to wear out..

    MPG about 27-28 for long distance motorway driving, 24-25 country lanes..
  4. hfu

    hfu Member

    echo 'black s3' comments, awesome performance, particularly around town, you get so much power at low revs.
    although you are forever swapping cogs, the gears are so closely stacked together.

    extremely refined too.

    only prob i've had is dodgy MAF sensor, which seems to be pretty common.

  5. SimonP

    SimonP Member

    Low end power is great provided you give it enough revs, it can get bogged down from standstill. Depends what you've come from, I went from a Golf VR6 (2.8) so initially kept stalled the S3 a few times (the Golf could pull away in third). Once above 2k it goes like a train.

    Facelift models started to appear on X plate, late 2000 (I had one).

    Some cosmetic teething problems, mainly with Xenon self levelling and the electronic boot release. Also there was a recall on the rear suspension (common with TTs) and also Coil Pack problems abound unless they've been replaced (not had this myself so can't comment).
  6. jcs356

    jcs356 Brum brum

    Yes, the picture is of a facelift as the repeaters on the front wings are rectangular and not square.

    I've got a Jan 01 facelift with 210bhp AMK engine, with a little bit of added magic thanks to MTM. I've been driving it for about a month now since getting it back after it was stolen. I did 340 motorway miles at the weekend between 70 & 80 and was getting close to 40mpg which came as a pleasant surprise.

    I also echo the Torque comments - I came from 2litre 8v Seat Ibiza which pulls from 1000rpm in fourth. Obviously the S3 is a lot heavier, but I guess with time I'll learn not to be so damn lazy and drop it down a few cogs.

    If you do want more S3 info, this month's Audi Driver magazine has a 'model feature' on it at the back of the mag. They describe the fact that the 210bhp engines often showed a lot more, and as everyone thought, it was notionally 210bhp to avoid stealing the thunder of the TT. Either way, if you are going to have it chipped the end result is the same no matter if you start with 210 or 225bhp. Enjoy it!

  7. jojo

    jojo Looking for Boost! Staff Member Moderator Team Daytona Audi S3 quattro Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group

    Square indicators were only on early A3's, my pre facelift S3 has the rectangular ones aswell. Baz, the rear suspension would be the same as MK4 Golf V6 4motion with Audi settings of course.
  8. h3msy

    h3msy Member

    yep, my pre-facelift also has rectangular indicators, and also IMO the better looking rear lenses.
  9. bampy

    bampy Member

    Don't know if it is an optical illusion, but the clearance between the rear wheel and the wheel arch seems alot.

    Seen quite a few of these and they have never been that distance apart. May be worth checking it out.

    Tuning, take your pick, I had Revo and AMD, the advantage with AMD is a rolling road test before and after the re-map. Difference in performance between the the two, none, as far as I am concerned.

    After chipping there is no difference between the 210 and 225 models in terms of performance.

    I would choose the Xenon option every time. Make sure it has all the goodies, like leather, preferably black, heated seats etc. Alacantra trim looks nice, but accordind to a mate of mine, that has one, a pain in the ar*e to keep clean and if you ignore it, will always look like sh*t.

    Bose audio is a must, especially for selling on. Some on this site reckon there are better systems out there for the price. Can't comment as I don't make a habit of comparing them, but I am more than satisfied with it in mine.

    18" RSTT alloys, as far as I am concerned are a must, they make a classy car look just that bit more special, again personal opinion.

    As far as mpg is concerned, I don't care. I get about 350 miles on a tank full, most of that is around town. I usually put £45 ish in when I fill up. If it is a concern for you, do not have the re-map, because if you do then the mpg will only go one way and that is down.

    When I have my last one re-mapped, driving from the garage down a short drive in first gear, it was immediately obvious that this was a very different car. The difference is mind blowing and you will never regret it.

    If it is due a service in the next 5k or so try and get that thrown in with the deal. Also, I would try to get them to change all the coil packs and if possible the MAF sensor.

    If you encounter a problem with the MAF it is as if someone has turned off the turbo. It is an intermitant fault that does not always show up on a diagnostic check. When I buy my next S3 I would get this replaced, even if it was not faulty. I would keep taking it back and complaining until they change it.

    Great car you won't regret getting one. Good luck.
  10. Hiten

    Hiten New Member

    might be selling my 2000(v) pre face lift soon if you're interested.
  11. imported_Kryten

    imported_Kryten Guest

    Had my 2000 S3 from new, been ok, had some probs but all replaced under Warranty apart from ONE problem WHICH I STILL HAVE /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif

    Severe vibration through car under torrential rain. (replaced exhaust but still not fixed)
    Leaking NSF Shock
    ESP light on (sensor faulty)
    Front suspension arm needed replacing (suspension creaking)

    I have to say though i've been extremely happy with my car, no rattles or creaks. Always starts perfect every time and runs smooth as. *Never broken down Not chipped though.

    Ahhh yes one other problem ive noticed, the trims on both doors are starting to curve/peel away (latter part)

    * Has anyone else had this problem of severe vibration in heavy rain? Did you manage to get it fixed properly. Audi fobbd me off with various excuses, and only replaced the exhaust section.
  12. Mike.M

    Mike.M Well-Known Member

    I have had nothing major go wrong with mine touch wood apart from a faulty light unit the day after I bought it and that was sorted quickly

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