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2015 A3 8V MMI Upgrade from Non-Nav to Navigation

sanrivera May 1, 2014

  1. sanrivera

    sanrivera Member

    I am located in the US and recently purchased a 2015 A3 8V with the non-nav MMI unit. I am looking to upgrade to add navigation.

    The unit I am considering purchasing the main unit, navigation control unit with touch pad, high resolution display and GPS antenna.

    1) First and most important - do I need to physically upgrade the main unit in order to activate nav? Someone has mentioned that I do not need to purchase a new main unit.

    If I do need to upgrade the main unit:
    1) Does anyone have any experience upgrading the A3 8V? Can you please help with the steps and installation process?
    2) Do I need to visit the dealer to re-program?
    3) Do I need any additional parts?
    4) Can Audi Connect be used?

    Separate question:
    Since I already have the MMI unit, can I add a backup camera to the system such that it is visible on the LCD?

    Please help!! It is much appreciated!

    Please excuse my newness to the forum!
  2. sanrivera

    sanrivera Member

    I should add that the US just launched the 8V A3, but it is essentially the same car launched in Europe as the 2013-2014 models.

    So, anyone with experience or know-how regarding adding nav to the 2013-2015 8V A3, please comment!

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