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2012 A3 TDI138 thudding noise on gear change

Slacky78 May 12, 2013

  1. Slacky78

    Slacky78 New Member

    (Now this post is in the right place)

    Dear all,

    Its Sunday, a day reserved for tinkering with motors but as its p!ssing down so hopefully ill have all of your expertise available to answer my gripe! Here goes.

    Especially on start up, when cold and increasingly now when warmed the car is making a dull thudding noise as you depress the clutch. It's imperceptible above 2nd gear and doesn't happen if you increase the rpm and slip the clutch as you chamge from 1st to 2nd. When driving slowly in 1st or 2nd if you allow the car to slow under engine braking and then relieve the engine by depressing the clutch this also creates the same dull thud. Just to add more confusion I'm sure I can hear it to a lesser degree when the car is being driven slowly over uneven ground - my road! It could be the exhaust???

    Its been in to the garage once and had the pendulum bracket tightened and gearbox mount changed. The car is new so I'm surprised to hear about mounts going. I find this kind of issue annoying and don't want my car to be repeatedly taken to pieces and road tested. Be really interested to learn if anyone has had the same problem and be over the moon if they have had it solved!


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