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2012-12-05 Order placed - A3 1.6TDi Sport in Scuba Blue

UKPonchoMan Dec 5, 2012

  1. UKPonchoMan

    UKPonchoMan New Member

    Well, it's taken my company 2 1/2 weeks to get the order through to Audi, but they finally called to confirm receipt today...

    A3 1.6TDi Sport 3dr in Scuba Blue
    Panoramic sunroof
    Privacy glass
    SD card-based sat nav
    Heated seats
    Hill hold assist

    It's taken me a while to work through this - I have personal cars for weekends, shopping and fun, so this is going to be purely my work car... I wasn't sure whether I could live with a 1.6TDi but the reviews give it a thumbs up, and getting 55+ mpg is something I just can't beat, especially since it's only 13% tax!

    Only down side is that they're quoting delivery in April...

  2. number3

    number3 Active Member

    Did your company not check with Audi to see if anything was in stock close to your spec? especially as your ordering a 3dr.

    I was buying for myself, and dealer came back with almost the exact car i was after, only it didn’t have the privacy glass which
    they installed on receipt of the car from the factory, i can’t tell the difference.

    Ended up with the car 3 weeks later.!!! :)

  3. UKPonchoMan

    UKPonchoMan New Member

    No idea - we use Hitachi Capital and they use Audi Slough so we don't get any choice in the matter... I'd be very pleased if they came back sooner, but the dealer said yesterday that their official "line" is now 17-18 weeks from order...

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