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2011 S3 8P HELP ON VMR 710 8.5j 19" ET 45 (OEM CENTER CAPS)

Bronquito Feb 26, 2013

  1. Bronquito

    Bronquito Member

    Hi there!
    I thinking on change my OEM 18" Audi S3 8P3 wheels for 19" VMR 710 8.5j, ET 45.
    BTW, my car is a 3 door one, so I´m considering 225/35/19 wheels.
    Any comments at this point? I really appreciate your comments.

    Now, the problem is that I would like to use OEM center caps. No need to use VMR ones. I like OEM look, ever.
    So... They said this VMR model, 710, got a 57.1 mm hole, for center cap.

    Reviewing ECS web I found the have this too items related

    Audi A3 Quattro V6 3.2L > Wheels > View All > ES#2598506 Center Cap - Priced Each (57mm) - 4B06011707ZJ which I like, because the ones I will get are GUNMETAL


    Audi A3 Quattro V6 3.2L > Wheels > View All > ES#7677 Center Cap - Priced Each (56mm) - 4B0601170A7ZJ

    I´m don´t know what to buy? Both are expensive. A bad choose could be disappointed.

    Does anybody here, due to your experience, solve this riddle?

    Do I need these reatining clips? What are those for?

    Please, give me a hand. I have to decide ASAP.

    Kind regards
  2. Bramley

    Bramley Member

    Im sure you can fit them, mine were a simliar, a tight squeeze but got them in

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