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2011-2012 s3 questions

Gates Aug 8, 2013

  1. Gates

    Gates Member

    Evening all, I usually hang around in the a4 area but my friend is looking at getting a 2011-2012 s3 and has mailed me over a few questions regarding standard kit and extras if you could help us out that would be great.

    this is what he's sent me:

    Does the 2011/2012 S3 Black Edition include the comfort pack and technology pack features, or did they have to be ordered separately.

    Can someone confirm what all the features/extras under each pack are/what we should be looking for if we want these packs included.

    Thinking of looking at 1 this weekend so really need to know asap.

    many thanks everyone :)
  2. K.A

    K.A Member


    I got this so far, correct me if am wrong

    Standard Equipment:

    - Drivers Information System (DIS)
    - AMI
    - Heated Front Seats
    - Bose Sound System
    - Rear Parking Sensors


    - Comfort Pact (Includes Cruise Control, Light and Rain Sensor Pack Which Includes auto-dimming rear-view mirror and door mirrors, Automatic headlight activation, automatic windscreen wipers, coming home/leaving home function)
    * Both can be chosen separately e.g. Cruise Control and Light and Rain sensor

    - Interior Light Pack (Includes illuminated door openers, storage compartment, Footwell lighting, Active door reflectors, Puddle lights and illuminated vanity mirrors)
    - Panoramic Sunroof

    Extra Packs
    - Folding Door Mirrors
    - Through Load Facility
    - Storage Pack
    - Magnetic Ride
    - Parallel Park Assist
    - Heated Rear Seats
    - Tyre Pressure Monitor

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