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2009 RNS-E DVD Disc offer from Audi

scbduke Sep 24, 2009

  1. scbduke

    scbduke Member

    Just received the following email from Audi detailing an offer to supply a 2009 disc for £149, might be of some interest - guess that as the offer ends 31st December Audi are trying to get rid of this years disc ready for 2010 ..........

    A new season is almost here and the roads you travel on change regularly too, so it's important to keep the information on your Audi's Satellite Navigation system up to date. As you have a DVD-based system, we're pleased to say that doing so is quick and straightforward.

    2009 Navigation update DVD
    The latest maps for the UK and Europe
    Quicker, more economical journeys
    Updated points of interest and Audi Centre locations
    Regular TMC traffic updates
    2009 update disc available for only £149

    To find out more about these offers, contact your nearest Audi Centre using the details supplied. Offer ends 31 December 2009. Subject to availability and while stocks last.
  2. royjk

    royjk Member

    I'd hang on the 2010 discs are due before Christmas with firmware & software upgrades so Audi tell me.
  3. S6 LeMans

    S6 LeMans S6 LeMans Man

    I see Crewe Audi are offering them on ebay for £155 - As for 2010 discs, I really wonder how much better/more info will really be on them - roads around here havn't changed that much in years, they're still full of holes and laden with cones!

    Best just grab one from ebay at around the £50 mark - theres plenty up for grabs weekly.:redrs4:

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