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2009 model grill Black ??

S4AS Oct 5, 2009

  1. S4AS

    S4AS New Member

    I am a little confused with the current 2009 model grill and the names it goes by? and what versions will fit.

    I like the look or the car in white, but I like the Black gloss grill, In the brochure they call this the "black styling package" its a gloss black grill and numberplate holder.

    it is £295 factory option. someone said its cheaper to purchase?

    I have also seen people mention the Black optics grill on here, is this for 2009 model? is this the same? where could I find a price and a partnumber?

    Finally the S3 grill, can this be purchased in gloss black? as the option is the same number and the sline model and looks like the normal grill in black.

    Is the S3 grill better / silly money?

    All confused abut the names and the model numbers as to what you can fit on a new model S-Line.

    Darren :uhm:
  2. evapor8

    evapor8 Member

    I do believe the S3 black optik grill (the shiny one) numbers for a 2009 car are:

    8P0 853 651 FVMZ - normal one
    8P0 853 651 GVMZ - for vehicles with front parking sensors and park steer assist

    From here: http://audi-sport.net/vb/showthread.php?t=68052

  3. pns2007

    pns2007 Moonstone Grey VCDS Map User

    If you want to have a play and either spray or vinyl wrap the front grill, I have one sitting in my garage. Its the 09 s-line facelift version which I took off my car before I fitted the S3 grill. I'm not after silly money £30? I even have a couple of cans of gloss black or matt black cans of paint I'll throw in. PM me.

  4. S4AS

    S4AS New Member


    pns2007: Thank you for the offer, dont have the car yet and will go the S3 grill(I think)

    I don't understand why its more expensive to purchase the grill as an option! and its cheaper to buy it yourself..... they get a free s-line grill and charge you more for a black one!


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