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2009 Euro spec headlight switch.....Need a favor!

NY_Sportback Jan 10, 2011

  1. NY_Sportback

    NY_Sportback Member

    Hi all!!

    if any of you guys across the pond have a 2009 A3/S3 that is left hand drive with the following functions

    BiXenon with LED DRL
    Coming Home
    auto on/off
    rear fogs

    can you please pull the guy out and send me the part #?? has to be a 2009!!

    Thanks in advance!!:cold:
  2. mike foster

    mike foster Fossie VCDS Map User

    Without front fog lights part number is :- 423 941 531 C (5PR Soul black )

    Description in ETKA :- combi-switch for automatic driving light, sidelights and driving lights, rear fog light and coming home.

    There are loads of alternatives and another might be :- 8J1 941 531 A (5PR)

    Description in ETKA :- multiple switch for automatic headlights, side lights, headlights, front and rear fogs and coming home.

    There are also ones with headlight range control but if you have xenons they will not apply.
  3. NY_Sportback

    NY_Sportback Member

    looks like second switch is it!! thank you!!!

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