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2009 Audi A3 (8P) Chorus Upgrade to Aftermarket Unit

Andy Baxter Mar 14, 2012

  1. Andy Baxter

    Andy Baxter New Member


    • Bit of noobie help required here-

      We have a newish A3 1.9TDi that has the world's worst stereo - the Chorus Double-Din Unit

      I want to upgrade it to a Pioneer AVH-2400BT unit which is a double din head unit

      I know I will need this Connect2 kit for changing the non-din area into a Double Din happy slot, but have a couple of other questions that I would really appreciate answers to.
      1. Will I need an adapter harness to convert from the connector in the existing unit to fit the above stereo?
      2. Will the rear speakers magically 'kick-in' with a new stereo (or are there actually none there - the existing unit shockingly has no fader!)
      3. CAN-Bus - will this unit be able to transmit things like the radio station (as the existing chorus unit does) into the driver console?
      4. Any other gotchas I should know about?
      Thanks in advance for any help!​

  2. Andy Baxter

    Andy Baxter New Member

    Er.... I think it might be the Concert, not the Chorus stereo!
  3. Paul76R

    Paul76R Member

    Sounds like the Chorus to me, it should say on the front anyway? The Chorus is very basic and didn't come with rear speakers and only had "Passive" front speakers compared to the "active" speakers on the Concert & Symphony units.

    My Concert stereo has rear speakers and a fader and once set up right i think gives good sound performance.

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