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2009 A3 - Splice into factory microphone?

MikeL Apr 5, 2013

  1. MikeL

    MikeL New Member

    Hi - I recently purchased a 2009 A3 (US). I love the car, but I'm not happy with the factory radio (it's a double-DIN radio with no navigation). Although the factory radio supports bluetooth phone calls, it does NOT support bluetooth audio, which is a must for me. I also like iPod integration and navigation. I'm planning to install an aftermarket head unit (probably an Alpine INE-W927HD), and I'd like to know if I can splice into the factory microphone. I prefer that over running the new microphone's wire up the pillar and through the headliner (sounds difficult!). Is it possible to splice into the factory microphone??? If so, where and how? Thanks in advance. -Mike

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