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2009 A3 shift noise

crsavage1 Feb 3, 2010

  1. crsavage1

    crsavage1 New Member

    Hi all, just got into a late 09 A3 with S-tronic that I absolutely love. I noticed the recall for the DSG and dealer says mine was excluded (not sure I believe them, mine says it was built in 1/09). Anyhow, it has about 165 miles on it but there is a strange ticking/marbles rolling noise as it shifts until it gets to 4th. It doesn't seem to matter whether I am taking off quick or steady. Hard to explain the noise really, but the best I have read is marbles rolling around in a metal coffee can. Almost sounds like a valve tick, but that is not it as when in Park idling, the noise is NOT there. Only during shift, and seems to disappear once it gets into 4th. Otherwise cars performs flawless just an odd noise and once I noticed it, it is the only noise I can hear. Anyone have an idea of what it could be? I have read in various post about the rattle of the down pipe to the waste-gate on the turbo fluttering. 2.0T by the way. Any thoughts?

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