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2008 Racing Season

Discussion in 'Backdraft Motorsport' started by Backdraft Motorsport, Jan 14, 2008.

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    Sep 19, 2007
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    I will be competing the TT once again this season in the Dunlop MSN Saloon championship.
    Together with our new title sponsor Babeworld.TV, we aim to make a bigger impact on the championship.
    Over the last 2 seasons we have made fantastic progress. However, with our progress, others progress too and the competition is seriously hot. A V8 Falcon Australian supercar and Rod Birleys awesome 500 BHP Escort cosworth WRC are the cream of the crop. The ex Seat Cupra championship cars are our closest competition in our VAG Saloons series within the championship.
    The biggest hurdles with the TT have always been weight and drag through the 4wd system. Our own 350 BHP big turbo kits make 45 bhp more at the wheels on a Leon, because of the 4 wd system. If it rained at every meeting we would be laughing. In fact we are one of the only teams that do rain dances at every meeting :lol:
    New for 2008 are the new GT2871R kit to boost power. We are changing the suspension set up from Bilstein to KW and fitting front and rear LSD's from Peloquin to help with traction.
    The girls from Babeworld.TV will be providing support at every round to make things a bit more interesting. Not very PC I know!
    On a more serious note, as with the GT2860RS kit we already produce, the GT2871R will be undergoing full testing and development during the season. Testing a kit like this at extreme levels gives us a good indication of any weaknesses, which we can use to perfect our kits for our customers.
    [​IMG] GT2871R kit laid to bare.
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