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2008 A6 2.0TDI rear light cluster problem

craigynett Aug 28, 2011

  1. craigynett

    craigynett Member


    a mate of mine has asked me to look at the rear passenger light cluster as it has stopped working.

    So i've checked the bulbs, all fine then i noticed that one i'd removed the lense cover that 1 of the bulbs was very dimly lit. As it happens it's the same bulb that doubles up as rear foglight. None of the others work at all inc reverse light or indicator.

    I've checked the connections & they seem fine, i've also checked the wiring that runs along the inside of the boot to the control module, all looks fine

    Then i checked the connection into the module with my test lamp. 2 of the live wires that come out of the connector/module ony just mananged to light up my test lamp

    Oh & i had a look at the earths & they look ok so i'm thinking it could be someting to do with the control module!

    I did notice when i removed the drivers side light cluster that the wiring was coverd in paint the same colour of the car which to me says it's been bumped & repaired. My mate bought it from another mate who says that he's 100% not bumped it & that it must have been the previous owner who'd bought it from new. Car isn't on the register neither. I'm thinking the bump could've damaged the module as his mate says it the rear cluster was playing up when he bought it

    Am I correect in thinking that a 2nd hand control module off of ebay etc would need coding to the car?

    anybody got any ideas?



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