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2008 A3 DRL coding wanted halogen to facelift xenon DRL's

Shades_RS Mar 11, 2013

  1. Shades_RS

    Shades_RS Active Member

    Hi guys I'm urgently wanting info on how to code my DRL headlights, previously pre facelift model, I have fitted new front end, have DRL headlights here, I've bought the adapters to fit to my wiring and connected the two wires into module as states, now need them coding. Have a guy hear with the suitable vag com but doesn't know how to code these DRL's, help wanted ASAP. Cheers
  2. Rhyso

    Rhyso Well-Known Member

    Module 9 under Central Electronics. Click on Coding within the module then scroll along and you'll find a drop down list for the headlights
  3. serpentiny

    serpentiny New Member

    Hi, guys I have the same issue. I've just installed my Bi-xenon headlights and wired and connected the yellow wires to the modul (8P0-907-279-23-H.LBL,8P0-907-279-F ; 23 Byte). But I have the following problem - when I turn the switch to first position only sidelights light and DRLs light up when I switch to High Beam.
    Can anyone help me and tell me how to code my Bi-xenon and last thing I coudn't find anywhere the wires connecting scheme for high beam because I'm not sure that I have properly connected? Cheers

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