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2008 (58) A4TDI 143 S-Line Avant - Front Disc size?

B6Rich Aug 18, 2012

  1. B6Rich

    B6Rich New Member

    Not been in here for ages (years even) but aim to make amends

    I have a Septemeber 2008 (58 plate) A4 Avant TDI 143 S-Line and my front discs are shot

    I've had a quote from my local specialist, and know (as in the past on my old, gone-but-not-forgotten B6) I feel I can do this myself and considerably cheaper using OEM parts

    When I come to look through the miriad of factors, Ebay, Euro Car Parts, GSF, etc, etc they provide me with several brands... but more confusingly, 2 (sometimes 3!) diameters

    These are 314mm or 320mm for my model year and engine (and registration plate entry)

    My question is, is there any quick way to determine this from chassis No etc? (other than the obvious jack it up, whip the wheels off and try and measure)

    Many Thanks

  2. johnnythepie

    johnnythepie Well-Known Member

    phone the dealer, give him the chassis number, and theyll tell you

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