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2008 2.0tdi a4 cab misfire

s3_stu_260 Jun 21, 2012

  1. s3_stu_260

    s3_stu_260 New Member

    hi guys
    any advice on what might be wrong with my car would be much appreciated
    to start at the beginning
    car = 2008 "58" audi a4 2.0 tdi cab engine code BPW less than 50k miles
    faults :-
    1, DPF light on dash, loss of power ( dpf removed and software adapted to allow for this)
    2, misfire ( there has been no good period between dpf issue and misfire)

    work done so far :-
    1, diagnostics with vag.com ( no fault codes )
    2, all 4 injectors removed and tested by specialist with no faults found ( replaced with new seals )
    3, live data showed no.4 injector to be considerably different to other 3
    4, injectors swapped no.1 & no.4, problem still at no.4
    5, wiring loom for injectors replaced
    6, compression test showed all equal and good
    7, egr valve removed and checked ( all working when compared to a new one )

    the injectors have been installed and set as per autodata
    please if i have missed something or you have any thoughts on the matter as its doing my head in
  2. benr

    benr Member

    Hi Stu, yours is a B7 Chassis. Maybe worth posting in the B7 section. They dont do a B8 cabrio as far as I know, i think they carried on using the B7 shape until 2009 for the cab.
  3. s3_stu_260

    s3_stu_260 New Member

    ok cool, i thought it was b8 going on years.

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