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2008 1.4 tfsi manual, engine braking too much

pigboat Apr 22, 2013

  1. pigboat

    pigboat New Member

    recently my engine seems to brake more than before. Say when i go down a hill in fourth gear, where before i needed to brake a couple of times to hold the speed limit, i now do not have to brake. This has been going on since a incident accured where the car suddently felt really heavy, and i actually thought i had a flat tire or a locked brake. Pulled over to nearest gas station to check tire pressure and brakes, but all was ok. When i drove off the problem was gone, until i noticed that the car now brakes more on engine.. Anybody got a clue what this might be? [​IMG]

    I had a 60k service three days ago, and asked the workshop to see if the could figure it out. They checked the brakes, and could not find any other issues either..

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