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2007 S3, Headlight exchange possibilities to 2010 - 2011?

MoloneyS3 May 12, 2013

  1. MoloneyS3

    MoloneyS3 New Member

    Good morning people,

    Would anyone know if I could swap my headlight assembly etc for a later year? I am aware it probably won't be a straight fit but I have seen many people with 'Facelifted' S3's.

    Can someone shed some light? Past experience? General knowledge of this please.

    Say, late 2007 S3 lights to 2010 ?

    Thank you.
  2. coreythorny

    coreythorny Active Member

    It's a whole new front end i'm afraid and from my understanding you won't have much change left from 2,000.

    If you don't have bi-xenons you could always look into some aftermarket ones.
    I have Pre-facelift bi-xenons on my S3. Wish i'd got the facelift with DRL at first but now I've really got used to the understated look, looks a bit more aggressive also IMHO.
  3. MoloneyS3

    MoloneyS3 New Member

    I see, that sounds iffy.

    I have the DRL's and bi-xexons, so aftermarket wouldn't work I don't think.

    Yeah, I mean I parked my S3 next to a 2011 one the other day and mine didn't look as 'Soft' as the later, just not as sharp.

    Oh we'll, maybe will look at other alternatives perhaps.


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