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2007 Audi A3 170 TDI Quattro idle problem? Injector Recall done.

davsmith64 Nov 26, 2012

  1. davsmith64

    davsmith64 New Member

    Ive bought a 2007 A3 170 TDI Quattro,
    Basically when i fire it up in a morning i have a missfire. Also have white smoke coming from the exhaust.
    If i run the car there is no smoke at all until im back to a stand still where it ticks over fine BUT then after a few seconds the white smoke appears again with a diesel like smell.
    The car drives faultless, smooth power throughout the range, no hesitation, no missfires. But just the white smoke when idling. Took it for a good run to try and clear the DPF. Came home and still soke on idle. Also there is a "hissing" sound from the exhaust as though the baffles are rattling.

    I rang up Audi Wakefield (im from barnsley) regarding the recall, which they told me it had been done by Audi in blackburn in April. I told them the situation that it has a diesel like smell to it and smokes which he said it actually does sound like an injector fault. He said that i need to drop the car with them and let them check it out and they will repair Free of Charge if it is an injector fault. However if it is not i will be charged £98 for a diagnostics fee. I have agreed to this and its booked in for wednesday.

    Ive had it on Vagcom, it come up with NO engine faults at all. Just a few regarding the powered antenna in the sat nav and radio,.

    Has anyone else experienced these problems?
  2. davsmith64

    davsmith64 New Member


    SWILKO Member

  4. MyMateDaveDJ

    MyMateDaveDJ New Member

    Hi, I have just purchased the same car and noticed this issue. The turbo is also very loud which I am concerned about.

    What was the outcome of your trip to Audi as Im thinking about doing the same.

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