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2007 a4 tdi s line..

vavavag Dec 23, 2013

  1. vavavag

    vavavag Member

    I have recently been driving a late 2007 2.0tdi S line 140 a4 saloon 6 speed manual.
    Engine is good on start up, no rattling or shaking what so ever. However, in first gear the car seems to be very sluggish. There is no excess smoke from the car, it has been serviced regularly and again, engine is very good. I have had a few tdis and this one is very slow. The car has plenty of power in all the other gears and accelerates very well.

    I plugged in my diagnostic and there are no fault codes etc.

    What do you guys think this is?

    Many Thanks!
  2. dippydayo

    dippydayo Member

    I think it's to do with the torque and the DMF so they reduced the power in first gear to protect it a remap would sort it out for sure
  3. Pedrödelabongo

    Pedrödelabongo York Team Daytona Audi A6 Black Edition Manual

    When I bought mine (about 3 weeks ago) it thought it sluggish until it hit 30 or so MPH.
    Different story now, and i haven't done anything to it.
    Previous owner was a doctor who might have only made short journeys most of the time.
    I do 80 - 100 miles a day and don't exactly hang about - maybe it's cleared the cobwebs?

    Hopefully, yours will too! :thumbs up:

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