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2007 A3 2.0T FSI APR K04 Conversion

vikingjonas Jan 22, 2014

  1. vikingjonas

    vikingjonas New Member

    Hi Guys,

    Have a question in regards to the S3/K04 conversion available for the 2.0T FSI. Just wondering if you would have to get the parts through APR or if anyone has put their own parts in and still used the APR Tune, not a customised tune?

    Also because I would like to keep my car as stealth as possible I would also like to leave the stock 2.5" from catback and only use a 3" downpipe, has anyone done this on a K04 conversion and if so what numbers did they run on that as I think with a full exhaust you should get something like 323hp.

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