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2007 2.0 tdi tdv engine known fault

vorsprung dork Mar 30, 2013

  1. vorsprung dork

    vorsprung dork Member

    I know this is the a4 bit and as I still own a 1.9 b6 till Monday you a4 boys may go easy on me and help me out as all the a6 boys seem to have gone to the pub! I pick up a 2007 a6 2.0 tdi tdv on Monday I know I should have done this before I bought it but can you boys tell me of the problems with the 140 bhp engine if any! It was an impulse buy it was so shiny sitting on brand new 19inch Le Mans alloys on the plus side I bought it direct from audi and it comes with a warts and all 12 month audi warranty but I only do about 8k a year as I work away its a one owner 70k car with full history is this the dreaded oil pump fail engine or not ? Any help would be very greatfull!!!!
  2. Paul B7

    Paul B7 Active Member


    What's the engine code ?
  3. vorsprung dork

    vorsprung dork Member

    Don't know yet till I get the log book!!
  4. Dan new

    Dan new New Member

    I've just recently brought a a4 2.0 tdi, bre engine code I'm told all models have the chance of the oil pump spindle snapping off more frequently on the chain driven engine, or the brb engine. Only owned mine for two weeks and its got a fault rough idle and vibration felt when sitting in car no engine light on had a diag also nothing so took it to a vag garage who told me its either injector loom or injectors so be aware of that audi are recalling certain chassis numbers so check that out also for that issue. Lovely looking motor tho !!! I'm just driving mine like Fred flint stone at the min until fix.

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