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2006 passat estate tdi any good?

colintdi May 21, 2010

  1. colintdi

    colintdi Member

    HI not to sure if this is ther right place to put this but here goes, looking at a late 06 passat estate 2.0 tdi 30,000. I'm trading in my 04 audi a4 tdi 90,000. Paying about 3500 to change is this a good deal?? Need the estate as we've just had a baby girl and need the room for her and my son along with somewhere for the do to go.

    So are these cars a good job and is this deal a good job?? looked up parkers gudie and the money side of things look ok.
  2. unkle

    unkle Beer God

    Nice cars, HUGE BOOT, wont have all those stylish bits and bobs in the interior like your Audi A4 does and perhaps will come across as being a bit 'plain' but VW build quality is usually still top notch, I always prefered the blue dials to the Audi dash. Sounds like you'll need the cambelt doing in the next 12 months maybe you can blag a little bit off the price to reflect that?
  3. MURRAYS444

    MURRAYS444 Member

    My dad just bought one really fast for a diesel he got the 140bhp model but they are really nice inside and they would be safe cars to travel in.
  4. quattro tony

    quattro tony Member

    Hi, these are good solid cars, they look pretty good in my opinion, It is a car im considering as my next, Like the guys have said huge boot, pretty good performance from the 2.0 l engine. Just a couple of problems that ive come across with them which i should mention, Seen problems with the electronic handbrake on some of them,the diesel injectors can go faulty and expensive to replace, For some reason on this engine if 1 injector goes faulty the car cuts out and wont restart. Don't want to put you off getting one, but thought i should mention what ive experienced with them.
  5. colintdi

    colintdi Member

    Hi tony, I ended up getting one about 3/4 months ago and so far so go. The space is brillant and the performance isn't too bad for such a big car. There was only 30,000 on it when i got it so it should last rightly
  6. Breezey

    Breezey Member

    Not to scare you but i had the same engine in my mk5 golf gt tdi and the turbo went after 46k i was annoyed but not as much as VW as the picked up the bill of £1600 quid :O

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