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2006 A4 Troubles - HELP

A4SLINE2006 Jun 4, 2009

  1. A4SLINE2006

    A4SLINE2006 New Member

    Hi Folks, Just wondered if anyone could help me. I have an 06 Plate A4 S Line 2.0 TDI that is 1 month (Darn) out of warranty. It started making a loud bird cheeping noise on acceleration and I thought it was the turbo. Took it to Official Audi Dealer and they had a look (£55 grrr). Heres what the job sheet says:

    Work requested: Attend to car, at 2000 revs and upwards makes a loud cheeping noise. Diagnose and report to customer.

    Work completed: Attended to turbo like noise from the car. Found air leak from EGR cooler. New EGR cooler and gaskets required. Quote £488 inc Vat. 2.0TUs (See Castrol system)

    I stated the fact the car is just out of warranty and after 10 mins they agreed to 40% off. I intend to take it to a Audi independant for a 2nd opinion. The only thing that concerns me is that the noise sometimes dissapears, yesterday I did 30 miles stop start with no bird cheeping in sight, surely if it was an air leak it would always be there. Any ideas Much appreciated.

  2. pjmspeedy

    pjmspeedy Dude, what's mine say ?

    I can't help with your problem but I would write a letter to Audi UK seems it's only a month out of warranty. Got nothing to lose but worth a shot.
  3. Dazmo

    Dazmo Active Member

    Work completed- Small bird found in air box now removed.:jester:
  4. jwhat

    jwhat Member VCDS Map User

    I had my Egr replaced under warranty, I've heard they can crack but I have no idea what the symptoms were because it was done before I bought it.

    As you said bring it to a specialist and get a quote and also get onto Audi customer services.

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