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2006 56 A3 2.0TDI Sport 170 with 121k miles, remap and MPG query

monkeynut Feb 2, 2010

  1. monkeynut

    monkeynut Member

    Hello all

    I've trawled through this and other forums trying to gauge opinion on the above subjects. My car has done a lot of miles and i was wondering if this would affect getting a remap? Just worried about the DPF isuue as guess the consequences can be pricey! I see REVO have removed their upgrade as of Jan 2010 due to too many issues. Spoke to Corten-Miller who said the Superchip upgrade (to around 190-200) is tested and trusted. Any opinions from anyone with experience of this upgrade and if it's worthwhile doing, cost is around 400 pounds. Incidently I average around 41 mpg driving relatively sensible really, is this about right? I had a new MAF sensor fitted testerday but not entirely sure it's improved performance/mpg. I had it fitted because I thought the car maybe down on power and the MAF was a big problem I reall with 1.9PD unit. ANY info/opinions greatly appreciated...

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